Technology & Products


  • Equipmentand know-how for conversion of different carbonaceous waste fractions resulting from the recycling process into energy using WasteSyn Inc.`s unique gasification method
  • Equipment and know-how for conversion of carbonaceous waste fractions after gasification into liquid Synfuels, Chemicals, electrical power and heat through Fischer Tropsch Synthesis


  • Gasification of solid waste with a one-of-a-kind catalyst-assisted process, which helps bring down gasification temperatures to below 1000°C
  • Proprietary selective Fischer Tropsch Synthesis for production of Synfuels and other valuable chemicals with a surplus of electrical power and heat


  • Recycling consulting services for the reduction of your production residues and raw material usage
  • Improvement of your company’s energy profile, implementation of renewable energy schemes
  • Personnel training
  • Interim management