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Recycling Plants

A smart waste management concept with energy recovery always starts with waste separation and recycling to extract all valuable products contained in the waste:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Non-Ferrous metals like Copper, Aluminum, Indium, Mercury
  • Precious metals
  • Plastics, Polyurethane (PUR)
  • CFC refrigirants
  • Paper and Cellulose

Each year 140.000 tons of electric and electronic waste accumulates in Ontario alone. This waste consists of:

Valueable Metalls:

  • 1,500 tons of Copper
  • 3,050 tons of Aluminum
  • 4,400 tons of Ferrous metals

Hazardous Metals:

  • 4,750 tons of Lead
  • 4.5 tons of Cadmium
  • 1.1 tons of Mercury

This current state cannot be sustained any longer. Therefore more and more regions and governments in North America start to introduce mandatory recycling programs.

With WasteSyn’s recycling plants you can become a leader in the recycling industry!

Together with our partners in Germany we offer a large variety of fully automated turn-key recycling plants for the recycling of:

  • WEEE (Waste Electronic Electric Equipment)
  • Lamps of all types
  • CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes) from TVs and other types of monitors
  • Tires

Our state-of-the-art recycling plants offer you a lot of advantages:

  • Full automation saving you energy and personnel costs
  • Modular, space-efficient design, making it possible for you to remain flexible towards future developments and keep your investment costs manageable
  • Using interactive engineering we can integrate all of your existing recycling equipment into our plants
  • Industry-leading high throughput
  • Long lifetime of more than 100.000 hours
  • Very high recycling yield of minimum 98%
  • Minimal downtime for maintenance
  • Compliance with all international standards like DIN 8975-2, RAL, WEEE, TA-Luft, ISO 9001
  • Significant cost advantage over our competitors’ offerings
  • Our machines are all MADE IN GERMANY, offering you industry-leading quality and reliability

Our unique WEEE COMBI RECYCLING PLANT gives you the ability to recycle ALL types of WEEE and other solid waste. This technology is unparalleled in the world!

But what are you doing with plastic mixtures, tire chops and other down-cycled materials with a low commercial value after recycling? See Waste Gasification for our solution to this problem.