Christine Siepe

Our Team

Dr. L. I. Christine Siepe

CEO and President

  • Ph.D. in Inorganic chemistry and catalysis
  • UNDP expert coordinated and lead international activities for new selective Fischer Tropsch catalysts, methanol to fuels process and other catalytic processes for renewable energy and petrochemicals. Over 10 years cooperated and synergistically worked with the petrochemical industry. Developed and executed marketing and sales strategy, forecasted sales and revenues, developed worldwide a solid customer basis, lead multidisciplinary teams across Europe, US and Asia. Demonstrated negotiations, management and leadership skills.
  • Built from ground zero a new factory and achieved second leading position in special optics for defense and security market. Within only 2.5 years successfully acquired worldwide 30% of the market shares. Conceived, initiated and developed vision, strategy and company planning. Developed original technical processes achieving high productivity, efficiency and profitability levels.
  • Orchestrated start-up of a trading and processing company with annual sales and revenues in renewable energy markets to exceed $8 million (US dollars) with over 25% net profit. Spearheaded sales campaign, which resulted in new client acquisitions and increased sales revenues.
  • Project Manager in a multi Billion Dollars company responsible for recycling catalysts used in acrylonitrile and formaldehyde fabrication. Developed an international customer basis, managed actively the company strategy and participated at technological developments.
  • Marketing & Sales Director responsible for Strategic Business Development for a leading company in recycling equipment business. New product launch, strategic business development, marketing intelligence, international sales strategy, new ecological strategy and vision. Developed worldwide new sales and purchasing channels, increased significantly company turnover and successfully promoted company brands and new products.
Volker Siepe

Dr. Volker Siepe

Technical Director

  • PhD in Physical Chemistry
  • Over 35 years industrial experience:
  • 5 Years Electronic Development (NMR and Chromatographic Equipment) Siemens AG Karlsruhe (Germany);
  • 27 Years experience in technical development Unilever AG Heilbronn (Germany)
  • 5 Years Chemical Engineering, 15 Years Data Processing and Design of PC Networks, Programming and mathematical modeling of industrial processes (APL), 7 Years chemical and physical measurement, development of physical models.
  • Over 7 Years chemical engineering of a production for Infrared optics, mechanical design and Construction of vibration-free support for crystal growers, Design and installation of Power supplies, coolant systems, other infrastructure.
  • Introduction of a crystallization process especially designed for large diameter crystals (> 500 mm!!), evaluation of crystal quality, introduction of quality control systems for infrared lens production.
Volker Siepe

Alexandru Ilie

Marketing & Sales Manager

  • Bachelor in International Business and Management at Arnhem Business University (The Netherlands)
  • Young and dynamic business professional with over 5 years of experience in Marketing and Sales and excellent language skills
  • Worked for companies such as Kiefel Extrusion, Spheros, Systec, Photonic Sense, developing and implementing marketing and business plans, generating leads, negotiating and closing deals and accompanying deals from the quotation phase up to after sales service.
Juergen Boenisch

Dr. Juergen Boenisch

Director, Member of the Board

  • Ph.D. in Physics from King’s College, London UK, two Dipl.-Eng. Engineering degrees from the University of Bremen, Germany, designations as Management Consultant and Supply Chain Manager
  • Over 16 years of international executive and consulting experience in Operations Management, Business Transformation, Strategy Development, Business Process Improvement, Supply Chain Management, and Strategic & Global Sourcing
  • Consulted for over 40 international companies in Europe and North America and was lead member of McKinsey&Company’s supplier integration consulting team and internal consultant of ThyssenKrupp.
  • Implemented significant improvement and cost reduction programs in a variety of industries in the manufacturing sector (food packaging, medical, rubber & plastic, automation, plant construction, automotive, building products) and the service sector (energy, logistics, distribution, fleet, broadcasting, training)
  • Working with companies such as ThyssenKrupp, Kautex/SIG, Fischer W. Muller, Corpoplast, Rotek, BILSTEIN, Werner & Pfleiderer, Hoesch Rothe Erde and more recently with Canadian Tire, Symcor, Direct Energy (Centrica UK), Silcotech North America, CertainTeed Gypsum, MAG Industrial Automation Systems (Boehringer), ALCOA Reynolds, CFN Precision, StampTek (Teknion), Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting, and many small and medium sized enterprises.