About Us


  • Cleaner environment
  • Cleaner communities
  • Abundant renewable energy
  • Sustainable future

Imagine a world where no landfills mutilate and poison nature, we no longer depend on fossil fuels and the air we are breathing is clean and crisp – EVERYWHERE!

This clean, sustainable future is what WasteSyn is working for.


WasteSyn Inc. aims to become the global technology leader for the conversion of solid waste into energy and Synfuels.


  • WasteSyn Inc. has designed a vertically and horizontally integrated 3-step recycling and energy recovery process with a positive energetic balance, consisting of solid waste recycling, waste gasification and Fischer Tropsch Synthesis
  • We employ a unique, catalyst-assisted gasification process for the production of Syngases, which greatly reduces costs by operating at temperatures below 1000°C
  • For the production of Synfuels, Chemicals, electrical power and heat from renewable sources we use our proprietary Fischer Tropsch process